After a suprise opponent would send the IWC Heavyweight Champion to the Extreme, IWC’s Winner Takes All saw shocking outcomes and high-flying action!  With fights and deception between loved ones and even a Tag Team pandemonium, next month’s Pittsburgh Classic looks to bring various feuds to a head!     You can re-live the event right now with a subscription to the IWC Network.

1) IWC High Stakes Champion Alexander Apollo defeated Anthony Young, Johnny Patch, Glenn Spectre, Gory, and Facade
2) Brotherly Love defeated Chase Gold and Paris Sahara
3) Jack Pollock deafeated Mambo Italiano
4) Andrew Palace defeated Katie Arquette
5) Bill Collier defeated Zach Nystrom, Elijah Dean’s chosen opponent
6) IWC Super Indy Champion Cole Karter defeated Derek Dillinger
7) IWC Tag Team Champions TME and IWC Tag Team Champions Joey Moses & Tito Oric was ruled a double disqualification.  There will be a rematch at the Pittsburgh Classic with Brotherly Love, and there must be a winner.
8) Bulk Nasty defeated the Steel City Machines
9) IWC Heavyweight Champion Elijah Dean defeated Matthew Justice, Bill Collier’s chosen opponent
Prepare for IWC’s Pittsburgh Classic on Saturday December 3rd!