The 5th Annual Pittsburgh Classic Results!!

What a way to conclude the year!!  Friendships turned sour and new Champhions were crowned, all while IWC debuted on FITE+!!  The IWC Tag Team Championships were decided in a No DQ 3-way match which lead to chaos, a potential Match of the Year was fought for the IWC Heavyweight Championship, and could the High Stakes Championship be getting a new, more pure, set of rules!?!    You can re-live the event right now with a subscription to the IWC Network or FITE+!!

1) Derek Dillinger won the 5th Annual Pittsburgh Classic Invitational Batttle Royal
2) Bulk Nasty defeated Zander Gabriel.  Jami Jameson emerged with a sledgehammer after the match and helped Zander Gabriel beat down Bulk Nasty
3) RJ City made a suprise return and defeated Zach Nystrom
4) IWC Super Indy Champion Cole Karter defeated Jock Samson
5) Spencer Slade submitted the IWC High Stakes Champion Alexander Apollo to become the new IWC High Stakes Champion
6) Brotherly Love defeated TME and The Lebanon Don Joey Moses & Tito Oric to become the Undisputed IWC Tag Team Champions
7) RC Dupree defeated Andrew Palace via disqualification.  Andrew Palace used the can Katie Arquette handed him and caused a blatant disqualification
8) Ray Lyn defeated IWC Women’s Champion Ashley D’Amboise to become the new IWC Woman’s Champion
9) Bill Collier defeated IWC Heavyweight Champion Elijah Dean to beomce the new IWC Heavyweight Champion
Prepare for IWC’s Reloaded 9.0 on Saturday February 4th!