IWC Reloaded 9.0 on February 4th!

The infamous RESET BUTTON returns on February 4th with IWC RELOADED 9.0!  It has become to be known as the most unpredictable night in all of professional wrestling.  All IWC Champions will defend their titles against mystery opponents randomly chosen by the RESET BUTTON.  Literally anyone can be selected.  From WWE Legends, to current TV Stars, to IWC Vets, or even YOU!!  Just take a look at some of our most shocking surprises of the past.



Plus, it’s everyones favorite match, and it’s BACK! The 16-BIT Challenge! 16 competitors are chosen at random intervals.  The last one standing earns a shot at any IWC Championship whenever and wherever they want!  Take a look back at the first ever 16 bit challenge to see what you are in store for!