PLummerSlam 2023 Results!!!

 The Greatest Wrestling Event of the Year started out so good!!  With Championships changing hands, shocking betrayals, and a lot of bruises, PlummerSlam truly was the Greatest Wrestling  Event of the Year, until the no good, cheating !SWINE! Jock Samson showed up!  Available on demand or through subscription, you can re-live the event right now with a subscription to the IWC Network or FITE+!!

1. Anthony Young defeated Matthew Jaeger
2. Brotherly Love defeated Arthur McArthur & Chuck Stone, to stay undefeated in standard tag team competition
3. Bulk Nasty defeated Zander Gabriel & Jami Jameson, due to Jason Tyler interference
4. Ganon Jones Jr. defeated Tito Oric
5. Bill Collier defeated Anthony Catena, to retain the IWC Heavyweight Championship
6. Felix Koz defeated Andrew Palace, due to referee’s reversal of decision
7. John McChesney & Matthew Justice defeated Derek Dillinger & Wes Barkley
8. Spencer Slade defeated Jack Pollock, to retain the IWC High Stakes Championship in a No Disqualification match
9. Holidead defeated Ray Lyn, to become the new IWC Women’s Champion
10. Jock Samson defeated Cole Karter, to become the new IWC Super Indy Champion
Fifth Time is a Charm!  Prepare for Threat Level Midnight: Yep, Another One!, on Saturday July 8th!!!