Super Indy 22 Preview!

This Saturday, IWC presents the historic TWENTY-SECOND Super Indy Tournament.  Long time fans know the incredible history of the tournament, and all the stars that used their success at this event to propel to a national level.  Who will join the record books on Saturday and become the new Super Indy Champion?  Get tickets here to find out LIVE!

You can’t bet on the Super Indy Tournament, but if you could, our experts developed odds of winning for each participant.  Do you agree with their results?  Who do you think will be the 22nd Super Indy Tournament Winner?

Jonathan Gresham (3/1, +300)

Our experts’ pick to win is former IWC Super Indy Champion and winner of Super Indy 17!  In addition, Gresham has MAJOR SUPER Indy Tournament success as he reached the final round all three times that he has been part of the field (Super Indy 15, 16, and 17).  Gresham followed his success in IWC with many accomplishments in Ring of Honor, and is currently at the top of his game in IMPACT Wrestling.  If Jonathan Gresham reaches the finals of this tournament, he will break the record for most tournament finals ever, a record he currently shares with IWC Legends Super Hentai and Facade.  With a tournament win, Gresham will become only the third man to ever win the tournament twice, joining the record books alongside Cole Karter and Super Hentai.  It’s hard to dispute that Gresham is the favorite to come out on top with this much Super Indy Tournament experience, and with so many records on the line!

Alexander Hammerstone (4/1, +400)

Our experts will not be surprised if Alexander Hammerstone pulls out the Tournament victory this weekend.  Hammerstone is no stranger to the Super Indy Tournament, as he advanced to round 2 of Super Indy 20 before losing to the eventual winner, Cole Karter.  Fresh off of an incredible run as MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Hammerstone is back in IWC and better than ever.  With his unique combination of strength and agility, this competitor can beat his opponents in many different ways.  Plus, add in the revenge factor for his return to right the wrongs of Super Indy 20, and it’s easy to see that Alexander Hammerstone has high odds to win it all on Saturday!

Channing Decker (9/2, +450)

Channing Decker is arguably one half of the greatest tag team in IWC History, The Fraternity.  Along with his partner Trent Gibson, Channing held the IWC Tag Team Titles for more total days AND more consecutive days than anyone else in IWC history!  Now a singles competitor, Channing has continued to see success.  Adopting a more “hardcore” persona, Decker is the reigning Greektown Wrestling Champion.  This IWC fan-favorite is entering the Super Indy Tournament for the second year in a row.  With his combination of Super Indy Tournament experience and past IWC success, Decker looks to add yet another accolade to his impressive IWC career!

Anthony Catena (11/2, +550)

“Mr. Prime Time” Anthony Catena has taken the IWC by storm in 2023.  He has come out of nowhere to rocket to the top of the organization, and he looks to put the exclamation point on his success with a Super Indy Tournament win.  Catena has had many impressive victories this year, including a major victory over two other top IWC stars to qualify for this tournament.  Catena has earned big matches versus the likes of AEW Star Brian Cage and IWC Champion “Big Time” Bill Collier.  However, Catena is far from a fan favorite, and has no past tournament experience.  While he is undoubtedly one of the most talented and well-rounded competitors in this field, his lack of support and experience have lowered his odds to the middle of the pack.

Duke Davis (8/1, +800)

Duke Davis is a monster.  Another freak athlete with an insane combination of size, speed, power, and agility, Duke Davis could easily win Super Indy 22.  Duke returned to IWC in August after five month absence to support and lead his family, and he looked to be in the best shape of his life.  This is personal for Duke, and he will certainly have his family in mind on Saturday night, which will be a major motivational factor.  Duke Davis is one half of one of the best tag Teams in IWC history (similar to Channing Decker) alongside partner Ganon Jones Jr.  Together they have more IWC Tag Team Title wins than any duo in IWC history.  However unlike Decker, Duke has very minimal singles experience other than a fairly dominant run early in his career.  Further Duke hasn’t competed in a professional wrestling match in almost seven months.  This puts makes odds a little steeper than they could be, but Duke Davis is still a very viable pick to win it all!

Kevin Blackwood (11/1, +1100)

Kevin Blackwood is making his Super Indy debut, but has had tournament success everywhere he has competed.  Blackwood came in at #109 in the PWI 500 list of the best wrestlers in the world this year.  Blackwood is well traveled and has victories over a wide variety of challenging competitors.  A Super Indy Tournament win could be exactly what he needs to reach an even higher level!  Unfortunately for Blackwood, he drew our top pick to win in round one, which will make his path to tournament victory incredibly difficult from the start!

Andrew Palace and Jock Samson (19/1, +1900)

Both of these competitors have major upsides to win Super Indy 22.  Andrew Palace is no stranger to this Tournament as this will be his fourth time as part of the field.  Often referred to as the “Heart and Soul of IWC”, Palace is one of the best in the organization’s modern era.  Palace has multiple Super Indy Title and IWC World Heavyweight Title reigns on his resume, and his new aggressive attitude has helped him produce one of the most victorious years of his career.  Jock Samson joins the tournament as a former Super Indy Champion who wants to win back the title that he never lost.  Maybe the biggest driver for him to win it all is that if he loses at any point in the night, his IWC career is over!  This should be enough motivation for Jock to outlast the field on it’s own.  However, both of these men have one major disadvantage that has caused their odds to be near the bottom of the field – they must face each other in an opening round match prior to the quarter finals.  This means that while everyone else in the field only has to win three matches to capture the gold, Palace and Jock will have to win four matches.  We aren’t saying it’s impossible, but winning four matches in one night for ANY competitor is a very improbable task!

“A1” Anthony Young (24/1, +2400)

Anthony Young has spent years dreaming of being in the IWC Super Indy Tournament,  but he has always come up just short.  When he found himself on the opposite side of a feud with the corrupt IWC Owner JustinPlummer earlier this year, it looked as if he’d miss out once again.  But with Plummer gone from the company, A1 defeated three other men to EARN his way into Super Indy 22 and achieve on of his top career goals!  A1’s style is the epitome of Super Indy, and he is sure to impress everyone in attendance with his flashy, high risk moveset.  However, A1 lacks tournament experience and his high risk style isn’t ideal for a long night of action.  Not to mention, A1 has drawn one of our favorites to win in the first round, and his path to tournament victory won’t get any easier from there.  This is the ultimate underdog story, and if Anthony Young can overcome the odds, this story will have a fairytale ending!

Who would you bet on to win the Super Indy Tournament this year?  Would you play it safe with a favorite?  Or would you go for the big bucks by selecting an underdog?  Let us know on any of our social media platforms, and join us Saturday at Court Time Sports Center when we put all the speculation to rest by crowning the next IWC Super Indy Champion!