Super Indy 22 Results!!!

With a New Super Indy Champion, huge matches, and one last ride, Super Indy 22 lived up to the prestige of the Double Decade tournament!  An accumulation of talent delivered one of the best Super Indy tournaments in IWC history and saw the vacant title awarded to an unexpected winner!  Now that winner is set to defend their championship at Winner Takes All on November 4th!!! Available on demand or through subscription, you can re-live Super Indy 22 right now with a subscription to the IWC Network or FITE+!!
1.  Jock Samson defeated Andrew Palace, qualifying for the Super Indy tournament
2.  Channing Decker defeated Anthony Young, in a quarterfinal Super Indy match
3.  Duke Davis defeated Alexander Hammerstone, in a quarterfinal Super Indy match
4. Jonathan Gresham defeated Kevin Blackwood, in a quarterfinal Super Indy match
5.  Anthony Catena defeated Jock Samson, in a quarterfinal Super Indy match
6. The Highway Outlaws had their “Celebration Extravaganza” interrupted by Jack Pollock, Brotherly Love, and the IWC Tag Team Champions, the Frontline
7. Duke Davis defeated Channing Decker, in a semi-final Super Indy match
8. Anthony Catena defeated Jonathan Gresham, in a semi-final Super Indy match
9. IWC Heavyweight Champion Bill Collier, Bulk Nasty, and Sam Handeman defeated IWC High Stakes Champion Spencer Slade, Glenn Spectre, and Canaan Kristopher
10. Lexus Synn defeated PegAsa
11. Duke Davis defeated Anthony Catena, in a the finals of the Super Indy Tournament.  Ganon Jones Jr. chose to activate the Reset Button, giving him a championship match of his choosing at any time, but chose to face Duke Davis for the IWC Super Indy Championship at Winner Takes All, on November 4th!