IWC’s 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic on Saturday, December 2nd!!!

Tickets to the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic on Saturday December 2nd are available by CLICKING HERE!!

After celebrating the holidays in Wheeling, WV with the WV Nailers Hockey team, IWC returns home to the Marx Court Time Arena for the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic on Saturday December 2nd!!  With new IWC debuts and nearly every Championship on the line, not to mention the annual Pittsburgh Classic Battle Royal, there’s no better way to end 2023 than seeing this event live!!!  The action kicks off at 7:00 PM and will see matches featuring your favorite IWC stars!! Find your tickets now or stream live on FITE+ and the IWC Network!

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Belltime 7:00 PM

Men’s 3-Way Match
IWC Heavy Weight Championship
Andrew Palace vs Bill Collier vs Bulk Nasty

On December 2nd, Bill Collier faces his toughest test to date on the one-year anniversary of winning the IWC Heavyweight Championship. At Winner Takes All, Collier was originally scheduled to defend against Bulk Nasty, a former champion, in a match sanctioned by IWC Executive Producer Orion. However, that never happened due to the return of IWC owner, Justin Plummer. Plummer changed the match and inserted Andrew Palace as a reward for loyalty. Palace was the eventual winner of that contest, via DQ. But due to Bulk Nasty’s interference, the title didn’t change hands. Now at IWC’s Pittsburgh Classic, these three champions fight for the biggest prize in the company. Can Bill hold off both challengers? Or will Palace or Bulk take advantage of the unfavorable odds and come out on top??!!

Women’s Single’s Match
IWC Women’s Championship Match
Holidead vs Katie Arquette

IWC Women’s Champion Holidead returns to IWC on December 2nd to defend her championship against IWC’s Queen of the Silver Screen Katie Arquette!!  If Arquette is able to overcome Holidead and win the IWC Women’s Championship she will the most reigns of any IWC Women’s Champion in company history.  See this historic match on at IWC!!

Men’s Single’s Match
Isaiah Broner vs AJZ

Two of the fastest rising stars in the game today collide on December 2nd at the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic!  Isaiah Broner returns to IWC and plans to give a warm welcome to AJZ, making his debut.

Men’s 3-on3 Match
Highway to Hell Tables Match
The Highway Outlaws vs Team Storm

On December 2, there will be hell to pay…as the rivalry between the Highway Outlaws and Team Storm reaches its boiling point. Both of these groups are looking to finish off the year, and possibly their competition, with a decisive victory. Neither team is willing to back down, and it seems the only way to end this one is with something big. So, at the 6th annual Pittsburgh Classic, these men will go to war in a “Highway to Hell Tables Match”!! Whoever comes out on top, might not be the same, but they’ll most likely be at the “front of the line” for the next shot at the IWC Tag Team Championships.

Multi-Wrestler Battle Royal
IWC High Stakes Championship Match
The Pittsburgh Classic Battle Royal

For Spencer Slade, this year’s Pittsburgh Classic will have the highest of stakes! The submission specialist has been truly dominant with #SladeRules, and as he continues to elevate the IWC High Stakes Championship, he’s looking for new ways to challenge himself. At the 6th annual Pittsburgh Classic, for the first time ever, the IWC High Stakes Title will be on the line in the PPWC Battle Royal! Anything can and will happen in this multi person contest. Will Spencer hold true to his standards of stealing the show? Or, on December 2nd, will one of the many others, including former IWC champions, take advantage of the massive opportunity?


Men’s Single’s Match
Derek Dillinger vs Matthew Jaeger

After the first singles win of his career in IWC, Matthew Jaeger had his moment ripped from him by a furious Derek Dillinger. Now on December 2nd, they will collide one-on-one to settle the controversy!

Men’s Single’s Match
Glenn Spectre vs Chase Gold
At Winner Takes All, Chase Gold was never pinned nor submitted. IWC management has decided that due to these circumstances Chase deserves one last shot at the ICWA Coach. Therefore, at the Pittsburgh Classic, on December 2nd, it’ll be Glenn Spectre verse Chase Gold, one last time! Will Chase finally overcome the Big Boss? Or will Spectre end the year undefeated?


Women’s Single’s Match
Lexus Synn vs Gina DeLucia

As IWC comes off a big night in Wheeling, WV., all eyes are now focused on The Pittsburgh Classic! Lexus Synn has taken the women’s division by storm, and looks to bury anyone who gets in her way. On December 2nd, a debuting Gina Marie could be next in line for some of the savage treatment. Marie is a former WWE/NXT member, with a background in gymnastics, who has competed in Olympic weight lifting, and is a professional CrossFit athlete. Can all that experience help, when she sees her first IWC action? Or will Synn continue her dominant ways?!

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Tickets to the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic on Saturday December 2nd are available by CLICKING HERE!!