The 6th Annual IWC Pittsburgh Classic Results!!!

There was no better way to close out the year than with the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic!!  From Tables to Lumberjacks, from a** beatings to Season beatings, new Champions were crowned and IWC favorites returned!!  Available on demand or through subscription, you can re-live the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic right now with a subscription to the  IWC Network or FITE+!!

1) Sam Handeman out lasted 20+ other wrestlers, including IWC High Stakes Champion Spencer Slade, to win the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Classic to become the new IWC High Stakes Champion

2) Lexus Synn defeated Gina DeLucia

3) Chase Gold defeated Glenn Spectre

4) Derek Dillinger defeated Matthew Jaeger

5) Team Storm (Jack Pollock, JaXon Argos, & RC Dupree) defeated Highway Outlaws (Jami Jameson, Jason Tyler, & Zander Gabriel), in a Highway to Hell Tables Match

6) Isaiah Broner defeated AJZ

7) Katie Arquette defeated IWC Women’s Champion Holidead, to become a 4x IWC Women’s Champion

8) IWC Heavyweight champion Bill Collier defeated Andrew Palace and Bulk Nasty

9) Ganon Jones Jr. defeated IWC Super Indy Champion Anthony Catena, to become the new IWC Super Indy Champion Ganon Jones Jr.

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