Reloaded 10.0 on Saturday February 24th!!

On February 24th, the International Wrestling Cartel presents Reloaded 10.0, live from Marx’s Court Time, in Elizabeth PA.

Already announced, in his return to IWC, is Elijah (fka WWE’s Elias). What will he have to say to the hometown crowd? Will he make his future intentions known?

The infamous Reset Button will be put to work, as it chooses mystery opponents, at random, for every IWC Championship match, as well as selecting all the participants for the 16 Bit Challenge Battle Royal! Some of the previous surprise competitors were: WWE Legend Tatanka, former WWE star Gangrel, WWE’s Shotzi, Brian Pillman Jr. (NXT’s Lexus King), WWE’s Chelsea Green, DJZ (WWE’s Joaquin Wilde), WWE Legend Henry O. Godwin, and former WWE star The Hurricane. Who will be in the building when the Reset Button makes its random selections?

In action, and not knowing who their opponents will be, you’ll see IWC Heavyweight Champion Bill Collier, IWC Women’s Champion Katie Arquette, IWC Super Indy Champion Ganon Jones Jr., IWC High Stakes Champion Sam Handeman, and the IWC Tag Team Champions the Frontline.

Who knows what surprises are in store?! Don’t miss out on the most unpredictable event on the IWC calendar!! Tickets are going fast, and can be purchased at