IWC returned to Marx’s Court Time in Elizabeth, PA to a record crowd with Reloaded 10.0! All champions were defending their titles against randomly selected opponents chosen by the infamous #ResetButton! In addition, the 16bit Challenge yielded shocking returns and results, and much more!

  1. IWC High Stakes Champion Sam “The Handyman” Handeman def. the returning Dylan Bostic in a “Handyman’s Handbook” Match. Bostic returned to IWC for the first time in 4 years and found himself taking on the new champion in a match with rules dictated by his own handbook. This saw the introduction of a 2×4, oil can, and the item that led to Bostic’s demise, a door! Bostic drove himself through the door, which allowed Handeman to retain the title for the first time!
  2. Anthony Catena def. Duke Davis to become #1 Contender to the IWC Super Indy Title. This rematch from the finals of Super Indy 22 was not without controversy. IWC owner Justin Plummer obviously had a plan in mind as he sent Spencer Slade to the ring to assist Catena when referee Nick Brown got knocked out by an errant boot. Slade locked Davis in an ankle lock, but just as Duke was able to kick Slade off, Catena nailed a picture perfect elbow drop to get the win.
  3. Elijah drifted home to IWC for the first time in about a decade, and treated the fans to an acoustic performance of his hit single “Amen”. He promised that no matter where he was in the world, Pittsburgh was his home, and he wanted to make a stop back where it all started before moving on to his next journey, wherever that may be.
  4. IWC Super Indy Champion Ganon Jones, Jr. def. the legendary 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio brought 35 years of experience to this bout, and looked like he hasn’t lost a step in those 35 years. But it wasn’t enough as Ganon was able to hit the Back To The Future Shock DDT to score the victory!
  5. Elijah won the 16bit Challenge, last eliminating Andrew Palace, earning the power of the Reset Button, a shot at any IWC Championship of his choosing at any time. In a match that also saw the returns of former Super Indy tournament winner Facade, and “The Savage Gentleman” Victor Benjamin, possibly the most shocking return to the ring was the man we saw earlier in the night, Elijah! After eliminating Derek Dillinger with a guitar shot, and Canaan Kristopher, he was able to toss Palace from the ring following a high knee strike. It looks like we haven’t seen the last of Elijah in IWC… but when will he return to activate the Reset Button??
  6. IWC Women’s Champion Katie Arquette def. Dani Mo. Despite a valiant effort, a huge top rope falcon arrow was what it took to finish off Dani Mo and give Katie the win. After the match, Arquette was confronted by Lexus Synn, who seems to have her sights set on the “Queen of the Silver Screen” and her IWC Women’s Championship.
  7. IWC Tag Team Champions The Frontline (Tito Oric & Cristiano Argento) def. Bulk Nasty & Dennis Gregory. The Reset Button chose two former IWC Tag Team and World Heavyweight Champions to take on the Frontline. However, a miscommunication saw Gregory superkick Bulk, giving Argento the opportunity for a pinfall victory over Gregory. It did not seem like water under the bridge, however, as Bulk aired his grievances with Gregory after the bout.
  8. After the match, Team Storm appeared via backstage video to challenge the Frontline to a title match on March 30th!
  9. IWC World Heavyweight Champion “Big Time” Bill Collier def. the debuting Sam “Hardway” Holloway! Holloway towered over Collier and took the fight to the champion. It took everything Collier had in his arsenal to finish off the monstrous newcomer from Cleveland. After the match, Collier was confronted by the returning “Man Dime” Elijah Dean! Dime lost the IWC Championship to Collier in December 2022, and has not been seen in IWC since… and also, has never received his championship rematch! What will happen next in this explosive situation?

IWC will return to Marx’s Court Time on Saturday March 30th, 2024 with TWENTY-THREE: Celebrating 23 Years of IWC! Join us for our 23rd anniversary and see what happens next! Will Man Dime finally get his rematch? Will Elijah return to use the Reset Button? Will Team Storm get their title match? Stay tuned!!