IWC celebrated 23 years on March 30th, 2024 at Marx’s Court Time with one of the greatest IWC Championship matches we’ve ever seen, plus the surprise of the first inductee into the IWC Hall of Fame!

IWC owner Justin Plummer kicked off the proceedings by advising “Mandime” Elijah Dean to “do the right thing” at the end of the night.

Derek Dillinger def. Tyler Brooks with help from a distraction by Wes Barkley. After the match, Dillinger & Barkley seemingly sent a message to Team 3D by performing a 3D on Tyler Brooks.

IWC Tag Team Champions The Frontline (Tito Oric & Cristiano Argento) def. Team Storm (Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree)

“The Savage Gentleman” Victor Benjamin def. Andrew Palace.

Wes Barkley, Canaan Kristopher, Jason Tyler & Jami Jameson (w/Zander Gabriel) def. Bulk Nasty, Felix Koz, Anthony Young & Matthew Jaeger after Derek Dillinger intefered on Wes Barkley’s behalf. During the match, Dennis Gregory appeared to try and help coach Bulk Nasty, but Bulk followed him back to the locker room instead.

After the match, IWC owner Justin Plummer came to the ring brought Dennis Gregory out… and surprised him as the first ever inductee into the IWC Hall of Fame. Gregory accepted the honor, but said that Hall of Fame awards usually mean that a talent is going to retire, however he is far from done and issued a challenge to Bulk Nasty instead.

IWC Super Indy Champion Ganon Jones Jr. def. Anthony Catena

Sam “Hardway” Holloway def. Dior Castro. After the match, Hardway laid waste to Brotherly Love members Kliff Klepto and Whiz Can Drew Ryans, and threw Whiz over the top rope onto a pile of security guards!

Spencer Slade def. Duke Davis thanks to a distraction at ringside from Justin Plummer.

IWC Women’s Champion Katie Arquette def. Gina Marie. After the match, Lexus Synn had to be held back by security while Arquette fled through the crowd.

IWC World Heavyweight Champion “Big Time” Bill Collier def. “The Mandime” Elijah Dean. After the match, Justin Plummer and his chosen superstars Spencer Slade, Canaan Kristopher, and Anthony Catena came to the ring and demanded Dime join them and lay out Collier. However, Dime turned the tables and attacked Plummer’s men instead!