IWC PlummerSlam 2024 Results


IWC returned to Marx’s Court Time in Elizabeth, PA.
1. Team Plummer def. Team Storm with the use of a painting on the “Eccentric Artist” RC Dupree. This came after IWC owner, Justin Plummer, made his intentions clear to rid his promotion of the “Canadians”. Plummer also revealed that he would be the mystery opponent, for Bill Collier’s Championship, later in the evening.
2. IWC High Stakes Champion Sam Handeman def. “The Sleeper” Don Murphy after putting him through a door. The Handyman utilized several home improvement items, and teachings from the High Stakes Handbook, in what he deemed a Builder’s Brawl!
3. Lexus Synn def. Zoey Skye, with a huge heel kick, in a highly competitive contest. Skye brought her veteran presence to the fight and put Synn to her biggest test thus far.
4. AJZ def. Matthew Jaeger, Anthony Young and Tyler Brooks, in a Wild Card 4-way match, while stacking Jaeger and Young for the win. Ziegler then put all title holders on notice that he was on the hunt for gold!
5. IWC Super Indy Champion Ganon Jones Jr. def. “The Natural” Canaan Kristopher after some outside interference from Team Plummer and IWC owner Justin Plummer. At one point, during one of those distractions, it looked like Kristopher had the win as Ganon tapped out behind the distracted ref’s back. However, “The All Star” hit his trademark Back to Future Shock DDT for the win.
6. IWC Hall of Famer, Dennis Gregory, def. Bulk Nasty. Gregory made it known that this dispute, between these two, wasn’t about wins or losses but about respect. Denny went for a handshake, after the win, but Bulk declined before storming to the back.
7. The Highway Outlaws (Jami Jameson & Jason Tyler w/Zander Gabriel) responded to a backstage promo, from the IWC Tag Team Champions (Decker & Dreamer), with an in-ring segment of their own. As they made their exit, Victor Benjamin cut them off, at the entryway, seemingly showing some issue with certain members of the Outlaws.
8. The longest reigning IWC Heavyweight Champion, Bill Collier, def. Tito Oric when his original opponent, Justin Plummer, revealed that he had sold the open contract to the highest bidder (The Lebanon Don). This match had more than a few outside attempts, to alter the outcome, from Team Plummer’s Spencer Slade and Anthony Catena. Team Storm (Jack Pollock and Jaxon Argos) fended off those challenges to allow Collier to retain and continue into uncharted title history. How long can Collier hold onto his championship?!
9. IWC Tag Team Champions, “The White Bronco” Channing Decker & “The Innovator of Violence” and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer, def. the Highway Outlaws in an Extreme Rules match. Jason Tyler was the unfortunate loser, in all this, as Jami Jameson and Zander Gabriel blamed him for the loss and attacked him after the show went off the air.
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